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painting frame :

Paintings can be applied with various artistic tools. The paintings are handmade and not printed. It is washable and can be dusted with a damp cloth.
Original or copy boards are usually executed.

Types of paintings :

Classic painting
Modern painting
Decorative paintings
Wall painting

Product Price List

Product NameDescriptionPackage typeStockPrice
Oil painting-CustomAvailableCall
Watercolor painting
Colored pencil drawing-CustomAvailableCall
black pen drawing-CustomAvailableCall

Consulting and Ordering

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About Us :

The blue pencil is an active collection in thefield of exporting, buying and selling oil paintings. This collection presents a complete sample of the best and newest paintings by presenting a variety of different art styles. Examples of works presented in the Blue Pencil Art Collection include:
Colored pencil drawing

Oil painting
watercolor painting
Black pen art

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