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Painting Frame

Paintings can be applied with various artistic tools. The paintings are handmade and not printed. It is washable and can be dusted with a damp cloth.
Original or copy boards are usually executed.


Every painting is taken from the feeling of every artist, and every painting expresses the feeling that the painter had at that moment. Paintings can add to the beauty of the space around us and make the space around us more attractive. There are different types and styles of painting, each of which is inspired by the artist’s humor, and this is what makes each painting a separate story and conveys a wonderful feeling.

Product List

Product NameDescriptionPackage typeStockPrice
Oil painting-CustomAvailableAsk the Price
Watercolor painting-CustomAvailableAsk the Price
Colored pencil drawing-CustomAvailableAsk the Price

Product List

Product NamePrice
Oil paintingAsk the Price
Watercolor paintingAsk the Price
Colored pencil drawingAsk the Price
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Considering the fact that the Middle East provides access to a variety of transportation routes, including rail, sea, land and air, Arad exports its products to different countries easily, conveniently, and promptly. Foreign customers can always discuss the issue with our experts if they need a certain route to transfer goods. Due to having multiple foreign currency accounts under the company name, and natural persons approved by the company, we suggest telegraphic transfer. You can also discuss your desired payment method with our experts.