Consulting and Ordering

Consulting and Ordering

painting frame :

Paintings can be applied with various artistic tools. The paintings are handmade and not printed. It is washable and can be dusted with a damp cloth.
Original or copy boards are usually executed.

paintings :

Every painting is taken from the feeling of every artist, and every painting expresses the feeling that the painter had at that moment. Paintings can add to the beauty of the space around us and make the space around us more attractive. There are different types and styles of painting, each of which is inspired by the artist’s humor, and this is what makes each painting a separate story and conveys a wonderful feeling.

Product Price List

Product NameDescriptionPackage typeStockPrice
Oil painting-CustomAvailableFill in the form
Watercolor painting
-CustomAvailableFill in the form
Colored pencil drawing-CustomAvailableFill in the form
black pen drawing-CustomAvailableFill in the form

Product List

Product Name
Oil painting
Watercolor painting
Colored pencil drawing
black pen drawing

Consulting and Ordering

Consulting and Ordering

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Shiping :


We work in the field of buying and selling paintings and we are responsible to you, dear customers and artists, without any restrictions, and we can buy or send works of art from all over the world. If you are interested in art and painting and you are working in the field of buying and selling works of art, fill in the form on the inquiry page so that our sales consultants can contact you in the shortest time and for free.